Knowledge of plastic bottle industry-as a supplier of plastic bottles

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About what you want to know about the plastic bottle industry

Knowledge of plastic bottle industry-as a supplier of plastic bottles

 Nowadays, cosmetic containers are usually made of plastic, not metal. Why is that? The first is the ingredients of cosmetics. Some components in cosmetics may react with metals. The second is the visibility of cosmetics. Transparent or translucent plastic containers are more clearly displayed in front of consumers, and the quality of products can be seen more directly through plastic bottles.

What is the plastic bottle made from?

Plastic bottles are usually made from PET, PE, and PP. And also made from AS, ABS, acrylic, etc.

What material is most commonly used?

They are PET, PETG, and PE PP. The PET material has high transparency, and the bottle has ductility. It can be squeezed and is also tough and more solid than PP. However, some people also choose PP, which is softer than PET material, easier to extrude, and lower transparency than PET. The PE material is opaque and not as smooth as PET. However, the most widely used materials are PET and PETG.

The reason why plastic cosmetic containers will be more popular in the cosmetics industry is that plastics have so many advantages. For example, light weight, good toughness, high light transmittance, and low cost. Here is a brief introduction to these advantages.

1. Lightweight: Compared with the other containers in the same volume, plastic bottles are less dense when produced.

2. Low cost: Plastics can reduce the cost of raw materials, and also be lighter. So the total price is relatively fair.

3. High light transmittance: Because the plastic has high transparency, the surface does not have any defects such as dappled, pores, whitening, fog halo, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss, etc. It can be made into colored, magnetic white, and transparent.

4. Good toughness: Plastic has higher wear resistance and better impact toughness. It has a high barrier and chemical resistance.

So how do we recycle plastic bottles?

PET material: After recycling, it can be made into polar fleece, handbags, furniture, carpets, and new beverage containers.

HDPE material: Recycled to make bottles, pens, and building materials

PP material: After recycling, it has been turned into a rake, broom, battery, and tray.

How are plastic bottles used in the cosmetic packaging industry?

Most of the time, we use plastic bottles to become cosmetic containers, such as the essence bottle series, essential oil bottle series, hose series, lotion bottle series, spray bottle series, shampoo bottle series, cream bottle series, etc.

How did we make a set of bottles?

Blowing bottle-making process

Bottle body:

The material of the bottle body is mostly PET, PETG, PET, and PETG, they are mostly transparent, or colored transparency, with a sense of light transmission.

Pump head:

Most of the materials of the pump head are PP. The outer ring can be made of an electrochemical aluminum sleeve, and the electroplating process is also used. The dispenser of the pump head is divided into two types: puncture type and screw type.  The bottle mouth decides the toothed and most of them use 18/410, 20/410, 24/410, and 28/410.

What is the craftsmanship of the bottle?

1. Silk screen printing: Silk screen printing has ordinary ink and UV ink. The effects of UV ink are good. It is glossy and stereoscopic. Considering the cost, we suggest choosing ordinary inks, it will be more affordable.

2. Bronzing&Hot sliver: The glossiness of bronzing is great. Both imported gold and silver powder and domestic gold and silver powder will be used, It depends on the customer's requirements.

What is the minimum order quantity of the bottle?

The order quantity generally depends on the design, and generally 3,000pcs-10,000pcs, we can customize the color you want.

How long is the production cycle?

Products in stock: 1-2 days

Customized products: The production cycle is around 15 -25 days , but it depends on the craftsmanship.

Because plastic bottles can be recycled, plastic bottles are conducive to environmental protection. Advocating the concept of green environmental protection. Many large brands of cosmetics at home and abroad use plastic bottles, which is completely in line with the trend of green environmental protection and care for the earth.

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