Quality requirements for cosmetic packaging materials

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Quality requirements for cosmetic packaging materials


Cosmetic packaging materials can be divided into internal and external, as well as soft and hard packaging materials. The quality of packaging materials directly determines the products brand image. Lets learn some basic quality requirements for packaging products based on the needs and standards of different packaging materials procurement users.    

Basic requirements for packaging materials of containers and their accessories:
 1. Bottle
The bottle body should be stable, the surface should be smooth, and the wall thickness should be basically uniform, with no obvious scar and deformation,and no cold explosion and crack. The bottle mouth shall be straight, smooth, and no burrs. The threads and bayonets shall be tightly matched without sliding, loosening, and leakage. The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.

2.Plastic squeeze soft tube   

The hose body shall be smooth, and clean, even in thickness and color, without obvious scratches. The hose sealing shall be firm without opening and wrinkle (except for normal indentation of the mold). The composite film of the hose shall not bulge.

3. Lid

Inner lid: It shall be complete, smooth, clean, and free from deformation, and well-matched with the bottle and the outer lid. The inner lid shall be complete without missing.

Outer lid: It shall be correct, and smooth, with no breakage, cracks, and burrs. The thread- matching structure shall be intact. The color of the outer lid with anodized or gilded shall be uniform. The flip-type outer lid shall be flexible and the connection part is no fracture. The lid and bottle shall be closely matched without sliding and loosening.

4.Spray pump

The spray can body shall be flat, with uniform color. No rust, scratches, and recesses. The weld and crimps of the spray can be smooth, without wrinkles, and cracks and deformation.

The nozzle shall be correct and clean without damage and crack. The assembly parts of the nozzle shall be complete to ensure smooth spraying.
 Basic quality requirements for soft packaging

   The bag shall be free of obvious wrinkles, scratches, and air bubbles. Its color shall be uniform. The sealing shall be firm,with no opening, perforation, or leakage of liquid (paste). The compound bag shall be firmly compounded and evenly coated.
 2.Plastic sealing
   The plastic sealing shall be firmly adhered to without cracking. The surface shall be clean without damage. There is no wrong installation, missing installation or inversion in the plastic package.
.Basic quality requirements for outer packaging
   The surface of the box shall be smooth and correct, without obvious exposed scratches, burrs, severe compression and damage. The opening tightness should be appropriate. When taking out the flower box, do not use fingers to forcibly peel it, it shall pinch the cover edge and avoid the bottom dropping by itself. The mirror and contents inside the box shall be firmly pasted with the box, the mirror image shall be good, and no exposed scratches and damages.

 2.Printing and labeling
  The design and handwriting printed on the cosmetic packaging shall be neat, clear, and uniform in color, and not easy to fall off. The label of the cosmetic package shall be firmly pasted as GB 5296 required , without adhesion marks, cracks and mutual adhesion.The product shall not be wrongly installed, omitted or reversed. The label of the middle box shall be correct, clean and complete, and the name, specification,quantity and manufacturer name shall be indicated as required.

 .Basic quality requirements for transport packaging
   The transport packaging should be clean, correct, smooth, and firmly sealed. The product shall not be wrongly installed, omitted or reversed. The marks on the transport package shall be clean, complete, and in the proper position, and shall indicate the product name, manufacturer's name and address, net content, product quantity, full container weight (gross weight), volume, production date, and shelf life, or production batch number and limited use date as required.



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