Cosmetic bottle material selection

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Better understand the choice of cosmetic bottle material

Cosmetic bottle material selection


Classification of plastic materials:   

1. PET: Eco-friendly material, that can be directly in contact with cosmetics and food, and be used to pack organic skin care products. PET material is soft and transparent.

2. PP, PE: Eco-friendly materials, can be directly in contact with cosmetics and food and can be used to pack organic skin care products. The original color is translucent white. It has three different degrees of hardness according to different molecular structures.

3. AS: Not hard but when being knocked will make a clear sound, it is transparent bluing, and can be directly in contact with cosmetics or food, can be used as a lotion or vacuum bottle or as a small volume cream bottle.

4. PCTA, PETG: Eco-friendly material, that can be in direct contact with cosmetics and food, is the main material for filling organic skin care products. They are transparent and soft so easy to be scratch. It does not often use spray but printing.

5. Acrylic: Hard material, high transparency, and white background. In order to maintain the transparent texture of acrylic, it is often sprayed from the inside out.

6. ABS: Engineering plastics, not eco-friendly, high hardness, can’t be direct contact with cosmetics, or food. In cosmetic packaging materials, it is generally used for the outer cover and shoulder sleeve. It is yellow or creamy white.

Type of packing bottles:

1. Vacuum bottle: Lid, shoulder sleeve, vacuum pump, piston. Rely on air pressure to use.The pump head is generally in the shape of a pointed chicken bill or a flat duck bill. The vacuum bottle has good sealing performance so it will move up with the decrease of the inner material, and it will affect the aesthetic if it leaks out.

2. Lotion bottle: lid, shoulder sleeve, lotion pump. The inside is usually equipped with a straw. Single-layer and multi-layer bottles are generally made of outer acrylic and inner PP. The lid is outer acrylic and inner ABS.

3. Perfume bottles: Mostly composed of lids, spray heads, bottle bodies, and straws. Perfume with large volume packed in glass for a long storage time. It is also made of internal glass and external aluminum. PP material is suitable for short-term storage of small-volume perfume.

4. Cream bottle: With outer cover, outer bottle, inner liner and gasket.

Acrylic double-layer cream bottle: acrylic bottle body, PP Lid, and gasket. Acrylic is transparent and expensive.

PP double-layer cream bottle: bottle body and lid are PP material. Low transparency, suitable for color design.

PET single-layer bottle, PP, PE, PS, and other materials. Can be used with external anodized aluminum, aluminum cover, and other related materials combination.

5. Blow-molding bottle: PET material. There are three kinds of lids, screw lid, flip lid, and swing lid. Blow molding is directly blown from the bottle embryo. It is characterized by a bump at the bottom of the bottle, which is very bright in the light.

6. Blow-injection bottle: PP or PE material. There are three kinds of lids, swing lid, flip lid and screw lid. It combines blow injection and blow molding, and only requires one mold. The feature is that there is an adhesive line at the bottom of the bottle.

7. Aluminum plastic hose: PE inside and aluminum outside, commonly used for offset printing, silk screen printing, and hot stamping.

8. Full plastic hose: commonly used PE, PP, PVC material, and pull out the hose before cutting, commonly used process offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping.

Spray head, Lotion pump, Hand washing pump

1. Spray head: Bayonet (half bayonet aluminum, full bayonet aluminum) and screw are plastic, people can make a layer of aluminum cover and electroplating on the spray head.

2. Lotion pump: common for two kinds of sharp-billed and duck-billed, it can be divided into vacuum and straw, which are screw mouth.

3. Hand washing pump: large caliber, screw mouth, various shapes. It can be adapted to different pump heads according to the bottle.



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